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  • Car & Driver magazine Car & Driver (C/D)

    American automotive enthusiast magazine. The magazine based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, featuring car reviews, car ratings, sports cars, hybrid cars, and more.

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  • Motor Trend magazine Motor Trend

    Automobile magazine was first in September 1949 by Petersen Publishing Company in Los Angeles, California. Truck Trend magazine featuring latest news about the truck, and SUV.

  • Automobile magazine Automobile

    Leading automobile magazine in the United States. The magazine featuring automobiles and the automobile industry including auto reviews, latest concept cars, car buying guide, auto racing news and events, and more.

  • Opera News magazine 4 Wheel & Off-Road

    Truck enthusiast magazine contains articles about 4x4 trucks from Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Jeep, articles on basic to advanced modifications and repairs, new product evaluations, and road tests information of new and late-model 4x4 trucks.

  • 5.0 Mustang magazine 5.0 Mustang

    Dedicated to late model Fords and provides readers with an array of performance how-to's, competition tips, technical advice, accessories, new product evaluations, and the latest innovations in street performance.

  • Road & Track Car magazine Road & Track

    Automotive magazine in the United States contains articles about road tests, comparison tests, performance & efficiency reviews, and more.

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  • Diesel Power magazine cover Diesel Power

    The magazine covering articles about how to improve performance of trucks' engine, driveline, and transmission.

  • Autoweek magazine cover Autoweek

    Automotive enthusiast magazine based in Detroit, Michigan.

  • Popular Hot Rodding magazine cover Popular Hot Rodding

    The magazine covering restoration and tuning secrets, performance, technical articles, test and analysis of cars, and new product reviews.

  • Hot Rods magazine Hot Rods

    Monthly magazine devoted to hot rodding. The magazine was founded in 1948 by Robert E. Petersen. Hot Rod has licensed affiliation with Universal Technical Institute.

  • Diesel Power magazine cover Car Craft

    Monthly magazine covering automobiles, hot rodding, drag racing, and lot more.

  • European Car magazine European Car

    The magazine covering Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, and Jaguar, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, and VWs.

  • Old Cars Weekly magazine Old Cars Weekly

    Weekly automobile magazine featuring historical perspectives and facts on cars and their manufacturers, auction news, reports on attractions at upcoming shows, show reports, upcoming show listings, and more.

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  • Car magazine Car (magazine)

    British automotive magazine also published in India, Mexico, Brazil, China, Greece, Russia, Romania, South Africa, Thailand, New Zealand, Turkey, Ukraine, and Middle East.

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  • Auto Repair For Dummies magazine cover Auto Repair For Dummies

    A reference guide provides step-by-step instructions for automotive repair and maintenance.

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  • Super Street

  • Lowrider

  • RPM Magazine

  • 911 & Porsche World Magazine

  • American Car Collector

  • Auto & Design

  • Autoremarketing

  • Auto Sport

  • Top Gear

  • BMW Car

  • BodyShop Business

  • Brake & Front End

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